Steady is turning 5!


Wow! It kinda snuck up on us, and we kinda can't believe it's real, but the calendar says it's true. Once upon a time, long long ago (5yrs), in a bizarre world called San Francisco, three great forces united to birth a vision of sustaining enjoyment, a common itch to be scratched, a cyclical nut to be cracked... something we could all count on... you know... Steady.

Please join us Friday, March 6th 2015 for a reuniting of the founding crews. Joining us will be the fine talent from Fix and Looq. The fun begins at 5pm and goes until 2am.

Check the facebook page early next week for timeslots and to let us know if you'll be stopping by:

Spesh - Looq Records
Scottino - FiX
Rumblemunk - FiX
Ron/e - FiX
Jeff Richmond - Steady
Chris Hadley - Steady
Sendr - Steady
Jason Knight - Steady

Steady Happy Hour
Friday, March 6th, 2015
5pm - 2am

Check our Facebook page for more info: