Jeff Richmond // soundcloud

Jeff Richmond is a San Francisco based DJ who loves techno. His music is defined by clean beats and poly rhythms, driving basslines, and funky, bleepy, computer glitch goodness all governed by a minimalist aesthetic that’s prone to wandering into full throttle madness at the drop of a hat.

Chris Hadley // soundcloud

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Jason Knight // soundcloud

With fifteen years of music production and DJ experience, a stellar list of club appearances, countless original productions including a full-length album, Jason has emerged as one of the most respected and talented artists in the San Francisco Dance Music scene.

Matt Sendr // soundcloud

Matt is an SF native, born and raised. He’s a rock band kid at heart, but he found the dance beats, and he hasn’t looked back. His music walks the line between techno, electro, and the occasional dash of progressive. Whatever he’s playing, you can pretty much bet it will be dark, hard and maybe even a little psychedelic.